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We are able to arrange shipment worldwide. We offer the following shipping options:

Air transport - this option is used for customers from around the world. We collaborate with select airlines that offer live animal air transport services under suitable conditions. Shipping by air is provided according to the requested delivery date, but is contingent upon the regular flight schedules of individual carriers, which our customers must respect. Delivery time is discussed with the customer prior to shipping, and confirmed by the customer.

Ground transport - this option is available to customers in the following European countries: Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Italy, France, UK, Belgium and Sweden. We use our own vehicles for ground transport, outfitted with air-conditioning, and compliant with EU regulations for animal transport. We are authorised for animal transport.


Shipping prices

Shipping prices are always communicated to the customer prior to final order confirmation. The shipping price is determined by shipping volume, delivery destination, and other relevant third-party conditions. For air transport, the price is determined by the pricing of the carrier, and no additional fees are added by us. For ground transport, price is determined individually by shipment volume and delivery destination.  We try to make this delivery option as attractive as possible for our customers, which is why our prices are lower than those of specialised transport companies. For example, the price of transport to Germany or Austria does not exceed 100€  for delivery. For pre-arranged individual animal pickup, transport is free of charge.



Animals are packed individually, in separate plastic boxes, according to the size of the animal and its needs. Life-sustaining necessities of the animals are secured during packing (i.e. sufficient humidity) through selection of optimal filling materials for the individual boxes. The entire shipment is packed in thermostable Styrofoam boxes, and, for air transport, packed in additional sturdy, damage- and impact-resistant packaging. Packaging is prepared so that it is resistant to external conditions and ensures the maximum possible comfort for the animals during transport. Packing is always free of charge.



We provide the following documents for each order: Invoice, certificate of origin of the animals, CITIES (if necessary), health certificates (upon customer request), copy of the certificate of animal sale, additional documentation as per customer request.


VIP Customers

Certain customers have the opportunity to become VIP customers. For these customers, we offer individualised processing of our current price list, individual price setup and discount conditions, individualised shipment conditions, and other advantages. VIP status is based on the number and volume of orders.


For more information on delivery conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us through the contact form on our website.