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New Breeding Projects

One key element of our company strategy is, that we aim to provide the highest quality captive bred reptiles , including  reptiles which are not commonly available on the market. For these reasons, we're continuously adding to our collection of reptiles new species and starting new breeding projects.

We plan to include all these species in our regular offers and improve the final image of our company.


First Teaser for You

Currently we have started breeding projects of following species:

Eublepharis angramainyu

Eublepharis hardwickii

Goniurosaurus catbaensis

Goniurosaurus yamashinae

Goniurosaurus kuroiwae

Paroedura masobe

Rhacodactylus trachyrhynchus

Celestus warreni

Heloderma suspectum

Shinisaurus crocodilurus

... and more


Coming Soon

This year we will be able offer a few first captive bred babies of following species:

Gastropholis prasina

Phelsuma andamanense

Phelsuma barbouri

Phelsuma cepediana

Phelsuma guimbeaui

Phelsuma inexpectata

Phelsuma modesta modesta

Phelsuma mutabilis

Phelsuma parkeri

Phelsuma pronki

Phelsuma seippi

Phelsuma vanheygeni

Phelsuma v-nigra comoraegrandensis


These babies will have only a minimal number during the year, so do not hesitate to ask about possible reservation.